Our Stress-Free Approach

Our shop is definitely is a reduced stress zone where dogs always feel very safe, reassured, and confident!

Preparing your pet for his first visit to our shop is a training process a lot like obedience training. It’s best to start young (three-four months old) in order to build confidence. At Petite Paws Pet Parlor, we use several proven methods to help keep your pet calm and stress-free while spending time with us:

A Happy Customer* We incorporate massage as well as the use of calming signals, TTouch body work, and herbal stress relief with Rescue Remedy.

* We provide soft towels, plenty of water, frequent potty breaks and lots of play breaks – especially for those active puppies!

* We also use a Dremel sanding drum on nails rather than clippers on very sensitive dogs.

When you come in for the first time, we recommend that you bring along your pet’s favorite toy or an article of your clothing. Something familiar can be very be comforting to your pet as she’s getting to know us and her way around the shop.

Whether your dog is young, old or in-between, we’ll make sure that the time she spends with us positive and fun. Call 541-344-6777 to make an appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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